General Questions

What is the best way to reach you?

The absolute best way to reach us is by email.  We check and respond to email continually throughout the day. The second best way is by messaging us through Instagram or Facebook.

If you wish to get a quote, the easiest way to do that is to submit our “Request a custom quote” form found here on our website.

Questions About Getting a Quote, Placing and Paying for an Order

How far in advance should I place my order?

Two to three weeks in advance at least. However, the more time you give us, the better.  For larger orders (cakes serving 40 or more), we recommend placing your order two to three months in advance. For weddings, we recommend six months in advance.
How do I get a quote?
You can use our online “Request a custom quote” form found on here on our website.
Please include as many details as possible, and feel free to send photos that provide inspiration. We will review all of your information and contact you with a price quote within 24-48 hours.   A price quote is valid for up to 30 days from the date of the quote.
If I pay you in cash, what will the price be? 
(This is asked with the assumption that we’ll charge less if we are offered a cash payment.) The price is the exact same amount whether you pay me in cash, check, Zelle, PayPal or Venmo.
How do I place my order? Is a deposit required?
If you are pleased with your quote and wish to move forward with the order, we ask for a deposit of half of the total price of the order.  This deposit is non-refundable.  An invoice will be emailed to you for the deposit, and that can be paid by in cash, check, Zelle, PayPal or Venmo.
An order is not considered “booked” and placed on our calendar until the deposit is received.  Upon receipt of your deposit, I will contact you via email to confirm that your order is officially booked.
Can I pay by credit/debit card? 
No, at this time we only accept cash, check, Zelle, PayPal or Venmo.
When do I pay the balance?
Weddings and large special event cakes that are being delivered must be paid in full three weeks prior to the event date.  Smaller cakes or orders that will be picked up by the customer can be paid via cash, check, Zelle, PayPal or Venmo.
Can I reserve the date for my cake even if I don’t have all the details worked out yet?
Yes, for basic cakes that feed under 50, you can reserve your date by paying a non-refundable deposit of $25.  This $25 fee holds your date for a period of three months and is then applied to your order.
If you are reserving a date for a wedding cake or a celebration cake that serves 60 or more, a non-refundable deposit of $100 along with a signed contract, is required.  This fee is then applied to your order.
Do you provide delivery? How much does it cost?
Local delivery offered, depending on weekly schedule.  Our delivery fee is $1.00 per mile.
When can I pick up my order?
Most orders can be picked up on the weekend between the hours of 9 and 3PM, but we will confirm this with you when you place an order.  For pickups during the week we offer any time between 5PM and 7PM.  We will schedule a pickup time with you several days before your order is due. Pickups are scheduled by appointment only, and please be respectful of this: We rely on you keeping your appointment and picking up your cake ON TIME.  If you cannot make your appointment, or you anticipate being late, kindly call us as soon as possible so we can reschedule or make other arrangements.
What if I have to cancel my order?
If the order is canceled at any time, up to and including the 14th day before the delivery date, any money paid, less the non-refundable deposit, will be refunded to you. If an order is canceled less than 14 days before the delivery date due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Questions About Wedding Cakes and Tastings

How much do you charge for wedding cakes?

Wedding cake prices START at $40 for a basic, non-decorated cake in chocolate or vanilla.

Will you make a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage?
Absolutely. We’re happy to do a cake for any kind of wedding.
Do you do sit-down consultations? 
Consultations are done via phone and/or email. We’ve found that we can be much more flexible and accommodating with appointment times if we are meeting by phone.
Do you provide tastings?
We provide a tasting box for clients for $35.  This includes one (1) dozen cupcakes, with up to four (4) flavor combinations.
The $30 is credited back to you if you book us a for a full order which pays for the delivery and set up fees.
Who usually attends the tasting?
Majority of our tastings are done via tasting boxes “to go”, which are picked up by the customer.  This allows the customer to sample our cakes on their own time with whomever they choose.  After the customer has sampled our cakes, we schedule a phone consultation to discuss the cake design/details.  If you prefer to meet in person, we can schedule a date/time and convenient location to meet.
I want only fresh flowers on my cake – will you arrange them or does my florist do that?
We do NOT work with fresh/real flowers, nor do we want them placed on our cakes.  We can however use faux flowers and greenery and place them on the cake for you.  You can provide the flowers and we can place them on the cake for you or we can purchase the flowers and add that into the cost of the cake.

Questions About Cake Styles, Other Products, Flavors, and Ingredients

Someone in my family has a food allergy. Do you make dairy-free, gluten-free, flourless, eggless, nut-free or sugar-free cakes?

We do offer a few gluten-free items such as our macarons.  We are NOT a nut-free facility. However, none of our products explicitly contain nuts, except for peanut butter products and almond products.

Do you make vegan cakes?
At this time, we do not.
Do you make “smash” cakes for babies? How much are they?
Yes, we do make smash cakes.  The cost varies, depending on the size and how elaborate you want the cake decorated.  If the cake is for a first birthday professional photo shoot, for example, you may want a larger cake and a special design, so you’ll need to contact us for pricing on that.  However, if you just want a small smash cake for the baby to dig her hands into at the birthday party, I suggest a simple 4″ round with basic decoration that complements the main birthday cake.
I found a picture of a cake that I love on Pinterest – will you make this EXACT cake?
Out of respect for the original decorator, we don’t want to copy any cake exactly.  We will gladly use the photo for inspiration and a general design idea, but we want to customize the design details just for you.  That’s the purpose of ordering a custom cake — to have it specially designed just for you.
I’d like an “adult-themed” cake for a bachelor / bachelorette party. Will you make this kind of cake?
No, we do not make X-rated, “raunchy” or “adults only” themed cakes.
Are there any other cakes you won’t make?
We avoid making cakes that feature licensed characters and/or copyrighted logos, as it is technically illegal to do so.  We are unable to put any licensed characters on a cake, but if you supply a figurine, such as Elsa, Minnie Mouse, Power Rangers, etc., we can create a beautiful setting for the characters, and place the figurines on the cake. We do not sell any figurines.
What about decorated cookies and cake pops? Do you make those as well?
Yes!  Please check out our ‘Confections’ section for the other sweets we have to offer.
I don’t see my preferred flavor on your menu. Are there more flavor options or a “secret menu?”
All flavors are listed on the menu, and we update that menu whenever we add a new flavor.  After several years of experimenting with which flavors to offer, we have found that those listed on our menu are the most loved and popular.  If the flavor you want is not on our list, mention it in the ‘Customization Options’ section on the order form and we will let you know if it is feasible.
Will you make a cake using a recipe that a customer gives you?
No, we only make cakes using our own recipes, as we are familiar with how they bake and what we can expect.