Pricing Guide

**  The following are all base prices.  Intricate designs or fillings/flavors may increase the final cost. **

Note: All round cakes are triple layered (can do more upon request); all sheet cakes are double layered

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Cake Size Base Price w/o Filling Serving Size*
4″ Round Cake $30 2-5

6″ Round Cake

(smash cake)

$50 5-10
8″ Round Cake $70 10-20
9″ Round Cake $80 20-30
10″ Round Cake $90 25-35
12″ Round Cake $100 30-50
14″ Round Cake $120 50-75
1/4″ Sheet Cake $60 15-24
1/2″ Sheet Cake $80 30-48
Full Sheet Cake $100 60-90
Standard Cupcakes $3.50/each
Premium Cupcakes $4.00/each
Standard Cut-Out Cookies (3-4″) $5.50/each
Mini Cut-Out Cookies (1-2″) $3.50/each
Jumbo Cut-Out Cookies (4+”) $8.00/each
Standard Cake Pops $2.50/each
Premium Cake Pops $3.00/each
Standard Cakesicles (small) $3.00/each
Premium Cakesicles (small) $3.50/each
Standard Cakesicles (large or shaped) $4.50/each
Premium Cakesicles (large or shaped) $5.00/each
Standard Macarons $2.50/each
Premium Macarons $3.00/each
Lactation Cookies $4.00/each
Lemon, Chocolate Chip, Confetti, Cookies n’ Cream cookies $3.50/each
Other Sweets (Buckeyes, Banana Bread, etc.) Inquire for individual pricing

*Serving Size = approximately how many people will the cake serve